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Can I use Zero-Ohm Systems with my favorite brand of amplifier and passive speakers?

  • Yes!!! We are completely brand agnostic.
  • Take your favorite speaker and favorite amp and deliver full range sound WITHOUT TRANSFORMERS!
  • Enjoy sound the way it was meant to be played!
  • Bring any speaker into a commercial environment. (Wider selection with open possibilities)

  • How do I connect my speakers using Zero-Ohm?

  • All speakers are connected in parallel.
  • We always recommend that you start at the center point and then go left and right from there for maximum efficiency.
  • Example: 24 speakers: Go to the center point after the 12th speaker and then daisy chain left and right.
  • As long as there is head room you can always add more speakers without any recalibration.

  • Why would I use a Zero-Ohm Solution when I have been able to do the job for decades using 70V/100V transformer-based solutions?

  • Zero Ohm’s passive technology delivers FULL-RANGE SOUND on all installs! (Superior Sound= Customer Satisfaction)
  • No phase issues!
  • Installation Simplicity! Daisy-chain parallel connections.
  • Easy Scalability!
  • No reliance on cheap transformer components
  • No power down the line therefore:
    • no W tapping
      no risk of shorts

    How do we select the appropriate amplifier for the job?

  • When using Zero-Ohm systems calculate the total wattage needed and then select an amp that can deliver that power at 8 Ohms.
  • The most accurate reading on any amplifier is the 8-ohm specification
  • We also recommend that you keep a standard 20% headroom.
  • Example: You need to install twenty-five 20-watt speakers (25x20 =500 watts add your 20 percent headroom (500x1.2=600 watts). Therefore, make sure the amplifier channel can deliver 600 watts at 8 ohms.

  • I know 70V/100V works but how can I have faith that this works?

  • As with any new technology we understand there will be some questions, however, this system is rock solid.
  • It is fully field-tested with major installs dating back over 5 years! We deliver POWER, RELIABILITY, SCALABILITY and PERFORMANCE!
  • Our distributors have case studies and success stories, so reach out to us. Don’t be shy!
  • We are ready to answer your questions and can refer you to distributors and installers that can fully attest to it.
  • There are independent tests and reviews done by major trade magazines on our technology.

  • How much rack space does Zero-Ohm take?

  • THE unit fits in 2u rack space and has rack Ears/Lugs with it.